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Clubs & Activities

West Albany offers a rich variety of extra-curricular activities, and we encourage all students to participate. Research clearly indicates students who stay involved in school activities, clubs, and athletics are far more likely to be successful in all measures of school performance.

We hold high expectations for all who participate in our extra curricular programs. Students who represent our school and community in clubs, contests, performances, and sporting events are expected to abide by the Valley League Code of Conduct. In addition to clear expectations about abstinence from drug, alcohol, and tobacco use, we expect students to be present in all classes on the day of any performance or contest. Participants are expected to model character and class for fellow students, parents, staff and community members, consistent with Administrative Rule 5501. These expectations are in effect during the entire calendar year. Violation or failure to live up to these expectations may result in ineligibility and removal from participation.


The varied club programs at WAHS offers students the opportunity to become involved in many areas of special interest. There are three types of clubs: Interest, Honorary, and Service. Clubs are chartered by the school and must meet the following standards:

  • Must be directly connected to the school.
  • Must deposit and disburse all funds through the school business office.
  • The advisor must be acceptable to the school and must attend all meetings of the club.

Application to Organize a New Club/Activity

Below is a list of Clubs/Activities/Athletics:

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