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About West Albany High School

Dear Parents and Community Members,
We are proud of the fact that our students continue to perform at high academic levels. We are also extremely proud of our attendance, graduation, and dropout rates. We credit these achievements to our outstanding students, dedicated staff, and committed parents. Thank you to our parent volunteer phone callers for providing personal contact with parents, and to all of you who continue to volunteer in our building. Our booster club is absolutely the finest in the state; we are fortunate to have members who volunteer even after their kids have graduated.

We appreciate our entire school community!

Susie Orsborn, Principal

Mission Statement

Our mission: to graduate culturally responsible students empowered to achieve college and career success.

We believe this mission will be supported by:

  • Ensuring a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment;
  • Investing in the individual achievement of every student;
  • Providing diverse opportunities to support relevance between the classroom and post-high school experiences;
  • Promoting critical thought and problem solving;
  • Building academically supportive and meaningful relationships;
  • Appreciating, valuing, and contributing to a positive community that honors the inherent dignity of all.
School Improvement Goals
West Albany High School Continuous Improvement Goal:

West Albany High School will graduate every student as a culturally responsible individual empowered to achieve college and career success.

School profile data that supports the implementation of this priority target:

  • 4 year Graduation Rate
  • Freshmen on Track Data
  • College Now Data
  • AVID Data
  • Career Day Data
  • Post Graduation Data