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West Albany Athletics / Activities Information and Season 2 Start

Posted on: February 2, 2021

February 1, 2021

Dear West Albany Student Athletes and Families,

As we have communicated previously, the OSAA has shifted the traditional high school sports seasons to begin in late February  under a new 2020-21 school activities calendar.  Participation for West Albany student athletes has the approval of the Greater Albany Public School District predicated that we follow all directives from the Governor’s Office, Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE). Under this new plan West Albany’s various club and/or athletic teams will be allowed to begin preparation for Season 2, or typical fall sports and activities, beginning February 8 (football only), and February 22 for all other sports (volleyball, soccer & cross country).

Specific practice schedules for Season 2 activities  will be determined and communicated by the  head coach of each club/team program. 

The following required forms and documentation will need to be submitted to the school office for any student wishing to participate in Season 2 activities, regardless of their chosen sport’s season of competition: 

Required Items Needed for Athletic and Club Participation

**Not required if previously turned in for Season 1 activities**

  1. A completed Physical Examination form–REQUIRED every two years for all students 9th – 12th grade prior to participating in extracurricular sports–and turned in to the athletic office; Oregon State Board of Education mandates the use of the OSAA form.
  2. Athletic Participation form–REQUIRED signed by both parent and student. 
  3. District Covid-19 Waiver form–REQUIRED signed by both parent and student. (If not already submitted for summer workouts.)

**All forms and information regarding student eligibility and the West Albany Athletic Code can be found on the school website: ( you are unsure if you have submitted forms please email to verify.

Registration Process for Season 2 Athletic and Club Programs

Due to ongoing caution regarding the COVID-19 virus all registration for all Season 2 sports/activities seasons will be conducted in a fashion to eliminate in-person contact and ensure for the safety of students, families, and staff members. 

The options established for submission of required forms are as follows:

  1. Online: All required forms can be downloaded from the school website where students and parents can fill out, sign, scan  and email to the school’s Athletic Department at no later than 12pm on Friday, February 5 (football) or Friday, February 19 (other sports).
  2. Drop Off: All required forms can be downloaded from the school website where students and parents can fill out, sign and return through the mail slot located at the main entrance of the school no later than 12pm on Friday, February 5  (football) or Friday, February 19 (other sports).   (A limited supply of printed forms will be made available for pick up at the main entrance as well.)

**Beginning February 8 (football only) or February 22 (all other sports) students will not be allowed to participate Season 2 sports or activities without all required forms turned in**.

Pay to Play Fee

Our district normally requires a pay to play fee for all athletic participation. Club and activity participation fees vary depending on the program. In light of the shortened sports season this year fees for participation in all athletic programs have been suspended for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

As stated in my previous message, all of us associated with West Albany Athletics want to thank you, our student athletes and families, for your continued patience as our coaches have navigated these new schedules and safety guidelines. I could not be prouder to be associated with such a great group of people who put the health and safety of student-athletes before all else.  

I also want to congratulate all of our Bulldog athletes that have participated in Season 1 activities. The hard work and dedication to improving will serve you well.

Our goal remains the same; to do all that we can to get our Bulldogs  back out onto the field, the court, the trails, and in the pool so that they can have fun and compete in a safe and healthy environment.

Go Bulldogs!


Patrick Richards
Athletic Director
West Albany High School 

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